Totalus Necrum (renamed Xanthus)

Logo by Andy Phelps

Totalus Necrum is a two-man Black Metal project conceived in August 2006 by Zephyrus (Me) and Vercingetorix (Nick Adams), during a trip to the Adirondack Mountains. Our plan was to express our passion for metal music and make our own contribution to the deep metal underground. We draw inspirations from a broad range of bands, such as Limbonic Art, Xasthur, Behemoth and Krieg. The band features Vercingetorix handling all guitar duties and songwriting, while Zephyrus provides vocals, bass, and drum programming. I am also the lyricist for this band, originally penning the typical themes of death, decay and war into the lyrics. It was after watching the HBO series Rome that our true lyrical direction was established, with a song about Julius Caesar titled “By Order of the Tyrant”.

Band Photo

Returning to Arlington with lyrics on paper, we proceeded to write and record our first demo, Revelations Through Carnage, in late 2006. This demo represents our experimentation with different guitar, vocal, and drum programming techniques. From that point on our lyrical inspiration came solely from Vergil’s Aeneid, which we had been translating all year together in AP Latin IV. Released in early 2007, our second demo, Perditio Troiae saw a major step forward in musicianship and confidence in our craft. Songs like “Raging with Slaughter” and “Ajax Impaled” were worthy of being listened to even by the band members!

Album cover for

It was about this time that we had our first release by an underground label called Total Death Records; a split album with the Canadian black metal band Panzerfaust, which features the first four songs written by Totalus Necrum. During the spring and summer of 2007, before Nick and I had to part ways for college, we poured our hearts and souls into our most focused work to date, our third demo Vortex Vorax, featuring four songs demonstrating a range of styles from slow and depressive (“Carnality’s Blade”), to the overwhelmingly vicious (“Tartarus”) to the downright rockin’ (“At the Gates of Latium”). All four tracks are available for listening on our Myspace Profile.

Here are the lyrics to our most recent song, “At the Gates of Latium”

At Latium’s gates the old king watches,
As the demigod and his army approaches.
In waves of regret he recalls how his daughter,
Could have wedded the prince and avoid the slaughter,
Which stains the soil with Rutulian pride,
Who wages war for the Lavinian bride.

At Latium’s gates a battle ignites,
Diplomacy yields to additional fights.
Spear meets shield, armor and flesh,
Peace denied as blood runs fresh.
To see the prince the queen looks out,
In vain she snuffs her own life out.

At Latium’s gates the heroine storms,
With savage strikes, not Amazon-born.
Trained for war by the exiled king,
Wields her blade beneath Diana’s wing.
From Ilium ebbs the battle’s tide,
Till Phoebus’ spear fells sister’s pride.

At Latium’s gates in fear of defeat,
The native chieftains order retreat.

At Latium’s gates the stakes are set,
As half-god sons meet in combat.
With swords and lances blows are traded,
The Rutulian falls, his strength all faded.
At sight of the baldric all mercies end,
Thus cease the strokes of the Mantuan’s pen.

Please contact me if you are interested in acquiring a copy of our latest demo –


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