We bring you the culmination of over two years of study of Western civilization as provided by the UMaine Honors College. Knowledgethirst is the ultimate expression of the debt we owe to our educators, as well as to the millennia of great minds whose ideas have shaped ourselves and our view of the world. From the ancient Greeks to the Enlightenment philosophes and beyond, the corpus of Western wisdom is synthesized into an energizing beverage fit for media consumption.

For those who dont spend too much time on the Internet, Knowledgethirst is directly inspired by Powerthirst, a supercharged energy drink franchise as presented by two monumental feats of advertisement two years ago. It is mandatory that you watch these two videos lest you be lost to Knowledgethirst’s poetic charm:

Powerthirst 1:…
Powerthirst 2 – Re-Domination:…

Script and narration by Jeremy Swist. Produced and designed by Zev Eisenberg.


2 Responses to “KNOWLEDGETHIRST”

  1. Ryan Page Says:


  2. My work has not been in vain!

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