“Ministry of Metal” Featured in The Maine Campus

This week’s edition of the Maine Campus, UMaine’s student-run informational and cultural publication, has conducted an interview with myself for the WMEB Spot. Kegan Zema, a reporter and fellow DJ, helped me promote my show by putting my words to the page of what Metal is really about. 

Besides newsprint, the interview is available here on the The Maine Campus website.


Coincidentally, my roommate Zev Eisenberg is featured in the same issue in an article for the Juggling Club (I actually took the picture).

In other news, I have just registered for Spring semester classes. I got all my first choices, which are the following:

LAT 454: Latin Prose of the Late Republic & Early Empire

GRE 102: Elementary Ancient Greek II

HON 212: Civilizations Past Present & Future IV

EDB 221: Educational Psychology

AST 109/110: Introduction to Astronomy (with Lab)

In terms of my Spring schedule this will leave me with no classes before dinner on Mondays and Wednesdays, and no classes at all on Fridays. This gives me convenient times to pursue a part-time job, hopefully working within the Modern Languages & Classics Department. I don’t think I could stand another four months in a dining hall dishroom!


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