Shadar Logoth @ The Keith Anderson House – 10/30/08

10162008_124452_0Last Thursday WMEB hosted a Halloween “Triple Creature Feature” at the Keith Anderson Community House on 19 Bennoch Road in downtown Orono, Maine. Several dozen UMaine students made the trek over the Stillwater River to see the best metal band the university has produced so far. Opening for dance-pop acts Feel It Robot and DJ Pres, Shadar Logoth sallied forth in promotion of their new album Curse.

Despite announcing their dissolution after their summer show at the 103 Ultralounge, Eaton, Denson and Michaud pulled their act together, though bereft of drumming sensation Ardroth (Bothildir). By the Vader shirt worn by their replacement skinsman, I was assured they hired no pushover. His performance confirmed my hopes.

The old recital hall burst into a haven of headbanging with their first song “Spitting His Curse With Venom”, which quickly moved into a nirvana of clean guitars and virtuous bass-work. It didn’t take long to get the audience thoroughly enthused, including a Joker impersonator being “so serious” (there was a costume competition).

The sound quality was top notch, as Eatons vocals and guitar solos shined through the thunderous rhythm section as did Michaud’s epic keyboard flares.


While playing favorites from both their new album and their acclaimed 2006 demo, Shadar Logoth also threw in a couple cover tunes to spice up the night. Early on they chimed in with the Metallica classic “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” to which Eaton deftly adapted some thrashy vocals. So much for Death Magnetic. Later on they belted out a more emotional song by Type O Negative: a song called “Wolf Moon” which got the audience bringing their hands together for an act just as dedicated to their influences as to their own craft.

Given the positive responses after their set, I’d say this concert finally got Shadar Logoth the exposure they deserved since their first performances a couple years ago. Please check out their Myspace link on the right of this page and pick up their new album, soon to be released. I can’t wait to see these guys again, hopefully next time with Ardroth back in the fold.


Spitting His Curse With Venom

Phantom Destination

For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica cover)

Footsteps in the Snow

Of the Lanterns

Wolf Moon (Type O Negative cover)

The Dread Lord



One Response to “Shadar Logoth @ The Keith Anderson House – 10/30/08”

  1. Damn – I really wish I could have been there to play that show! Hopefully next time when/if they ever play down in the metro area (Boston/Portland).

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