Universitas Mainensis Condita MDCCCLXV

As hinted by the post title, I have begun my translation of the University of Maine Wikipedia article. I’m already through the first paragraph, and after consulting with Dr. Passman, and navigating all the wiki-protocols, I hope to have a direct translation of the English article. Ite Ursi Nigri!

And on that note, I’m pleased to announce the advent of the Maine Senior Classical League. This has been a major project of my girlfriend, Megan Aydelott, and I will serve as secretary to her presidency. I’ll provide more on this once we have our first official proceedings. We will be attending the Junior Classical League convention later this month in Winthrop, Maine.

And finally, Happy Halloween to all, whether you hit the town in full regalia or sequestered yourselves at home to watch horror movies. Abandoning my original plan to go as The Joker, I suggested that my roommate, Zev Eisenberg, and myself dress as one another. Megan decided to also dress as Zev. For those who knew us, the reactions were epically hilarious. For those unaware, Zev is a peculiar dresser: dress shirts/pants, black goatee and a silly knit hat. Zev threw on some band shirts, glasses, a wig and my camo pants to emulate my character. We joined Melissa Carter’s crew for the masquerade ball at the Memorial Union. With delight we took in the scenery, the tarot readings and the chainsaw exhaust fumes in the haunted house. Of course, Zev had to do a photo shoot before we headed off (more photos here):


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