Anal Jesus @ The Workers Center, Brewer ME

On Friday, September 26th I finally got my chance to see the band whose moniker is more a play on the word “analgesic” than any religious perversion. They were the only Metal band among the handful of punk acts playing that night, and even to a crowd of mohawks and skin-tight denim they delivered a thoroughly exciting act. The venue, a meeting hall serving Eastern Maine labor unions, was a very intimate setting for a performance worthy of the concert stage. 

Backed by Jeremy Pyburn on drums, Jared Pittman on bass, and James Hadley filling in on guitars, lead guitarist/vocalist Ryan Page lifted his mask of sanity and took no prisoners. As the first act of the night, they opened with their minute-long classic, “Grindhole” and the crowd immediately went into a frenzy. Following was “The Slayer Song,” reminiscing of Slayer’s golden days with a riff similar to the song “Jesus Saves” (“Anal Jesus Saves?”). With each song the headbangability intensified, culminating in their most personal track, “Restraining Order.” For this opus Ryan laid his guitar aside and put 100% of his energy into making sure he couldn’t talk for the next week.

What impressed me the most however, was the fact that Anal Jesus played TWICE in one night, filling in the space between Taco Apocalypse and Clinic Bomb, two powerful punk acts fronted by Ryan’s good friend, Shane Garland.

But even a second set wasn’t enough to satisfy Ryan’s bloodthirst. Pulling together a makeshift syndicate from his friends’ bands, he played an electrifying rendition of a real Slayer song, “Raining Blood” (from a lacerated sky, bleeding its horror, etc…). 

And did I mention this was a reunion show? That’s right, the high schoolers bitching about life in New Hampshire are back in action, so hopefully the future will see more performances by this kickass slab of Northern New England Metal.


3 Responses to “Anal Jesus @ The Workers Center, Brewer ME”

  1. Sick review, but it was actually jared pittman on bass, thanks for the review dude!

  2. sick dude

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