College is a Work of Merit

For those of you who’d rather see me expound upon the less music-oriented sphere of my life, I thought I’d share a few things with you on how the first month of sophomoredom is so far going. First off, Zev and I have lost not an once of zeal in our academic pursuits, and no less for our culinary elitism. York Commons, where we both ate almost every day last year, has fallen from grace (and no longer opens on weekends), forcing us to explore all that UMaine has to offer and beyond. We eat at York once a week but also go to Hilltop for a similar all-you-“care”-to-eat experience, while the a la carte Memorial Union is convenient to my evening classes. Last night we went out to Pat’s Pizza, which is the only decent restaurant I’m aware of that takes Black Bear Bucks. Zev and I went back there this morning for their breakfast menu (omelette pizza?).

Dining obsessions aside, I’ve found more purpose in my classical studies, as I have earned two offices through the Work Merit program (like Work Study but no credit and no financial qualification bullshit). I’m getting paid by the university to be a Latin tutor, and I already have a client to work with every Monday. In addition to gaining this valuable teaching experience, I will be taking part in a research project as a bibliographer. My job will be to find as much information as I can on the Greek historian Xenophon’s work On Horsemanship. This is a joint venture of the Classics and Biology departments. It should be another worthwhile experience actually using the Fogler Library for something other than a quiet space.

Aside from school stuff, I’m taking bass lessons with Benjamin Moors, a UMaine grad student, and that has so far done wonders for my progress in putting together Xanthus‘ forthcoming debut Pro Gloria Aetatum. Nick has a new song on the way and is rerecording the older songs while I’ve been laying down bass lines and drum tracks. Ryan Page has so far contributed an absolutely godly guitar solo for the song “Iterum Ad Bellum.” This album should be as epic as its theme, the Aeneid.

Here’s a prototype album cover:


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