Fall Classes: First Assessment

I’ve completed my first week of classes, so I’ll pass my judgment through these first impressions…

HON 211 – Civilizations: Past Present & Future III

This is the third semester of the Honors sequence, focusing on literature from the late Renaissance up through the 19th century. The texts cover philosophy, history, science, religion, politics, and basically anything that lends perspective of the past and the development of Western Civilization. As we steamroll through the Age of Discovery, the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution we meet the likes of Shakespeare, Galileo, Rousseau, Locke, Darwin, Marx and many more. We read The Tempest for the summer read and the first lecture (courtesy of the infamous Michael Palmer) once again cast the text as a Platonic metaphor. My favorite part about this course is how the various ideas are connected between the ages. I just finished reading Galileo’s Sidereus Nuncius, which is sure to recall Aristotle and the debate of humankind’s place is the scheme of the universe.

GRE 101 – Elementary Ancient Greek I

This class has been a breeze so far, given that Greek is grammatically identical to Latin. But given a new set of vocabulary and spelling mechanics, I’m starting at square one. I plan on working this language well into my post-graduate studies. It also goes towards my Classics Minor along with classes like Mythology, Ancient Philosophy and Greco-Roman History.

PSY 224 – Adolescent Psychology

This is a requirement for all Secondary Education majors. It gets rather intimate with teen issues and explores the adolescent mind. So far we’ve covered all the lovely details of puberty. Meh.

LAT 453 – Poetry of the Late Republic & Early Empire

This is my only Latin class this semester, a seminar in which we translate the works of Catullus and Horace. This class should advance my understanding of Latin poetic conventions and metrics. In addition to this class I am applying to be a Latin tutor, a paid position through the Work Merit program.

COS 120 – Intro to Computer Programming

This satisfies part of my Mathematics Gen-Ed. requirements. We’re learning the basics of programming language using VisualBasic, which, as implied by the name, is a more graphic-oriented program for simple computational function, or something like that. I’m really hoping they offer a “History of Mathematics” course soon which can take care of my other Math requirement.


In addition to these courses, I have signed up for weekly bass lessons with a UMaine grad student. I have also resumed weightlifting at the Fitness Center three days a week, and I plan on attending some of the Honors 111 lectures to refresh me on the Classics. Add to that the radio show, review writing and potential tutoring, and I’m looking to have a very productive semester.


2 Responses to “Fall Classes: First Assessment”

  1. are you going to have a playlist from the radio show posted anywhere?
    i dont live in the bangor area anymore and am unfortunately unable to listen.
    keep up the good work supporting metal.

  2. You’ll hear more about that soon.

    “Footsteps in the Snow” was played on this week’s show. And a review for “Curse” will be submitted to TMO within a week’s time.

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