Abomino Aetas – “Sower of Death”

Published by The Metal Observer: http://www.metal-observer.com/articles.php?lid=1&sid=1&id=14529

Abomino Aetas

Norway is not commonly associated with the modern Black Metal movement. The 2nd wave is a decade gone, given way to scenes now flourishing in France, Eastern Europe and the US. This is a conception that bands like Abomino Aetas strive to challenge. Norway’s creative soil is still fertile, and Sower Of Death is part of this year’s harvest.

Don’t be fooled by the cover art or song titles like “Sodomizing Satan.” The pretentiousness of this album only goes that far (perhaps into the vocal department, too). Abomino Aetas doesn’t indulge in frills or the Avant-garde. They accomplish their craft by sticking to basics, and in any genre of Metal that starts with writing quality riffs. This album is full of engaging melodies and chord progressions, all played in traditional structures, but sounding fresh as ever. Hateful vocals spill over vibrant, emotive guitar tones. Who cares if these guys are late to the game; originality isn’t always requisite to quality.

Also essential to quality is production, this album’s downfall. Sometimes I wonder how anyone could sit in front of a mixing board and not realize that that drums are barely audible, or that the vocal recording is too polished compared to the rest of the mix. Thankfully the guitars sound perfect for this kind of music. And it’s a shame, because if you listen hard enough you realize how dynamic the drumming on this album is. The production doesn’t ruin the album, but it draws the line between “great” and just “good.”

Check this out if you’re focusing on the latest Black Metal releases. But if you’re still building your Norwegian Black Metal collection, focus on the classics first.

( Online July 2, 2008 )


One Response to “Abomino Aetas – “Sower of Death””

  1. Fair review. It’s weird how some people that just becuase it’s black metal it’s ok to fall asleep at the mixing board.

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