Lyrinx – “Nihilistic Purity”

Published by The Metal Observer: 

Over a decade after Black Metal’s 2nd wave phased out, there are many who have given up on the genre. They claim that this once flourishing movement has given way to stagnation. Either you sound like a clone band or you forfeit your sound for other styles. Lyrinx, lurking in the UK, are proof that Black Metal can still sound fresh with the standard instrumentation.

Hitting play I was greeted with an unsettling dissonance of guitars reverbed to the max. As this noise built into the first song I was entranced by unique riffs, tremolos and chord progressions played with emotion. This passion was matched by the vocals, quite similar to Malefic, but even more evocative. 

And speaking of Xasthur, any fans of the USBM figurehead will crave this British four-piece. Just listen to “Deconstruction of the Will to Live” and tell me this EP wasn’t produced by Malefic himself. The most impressive aspect of this album is indeed the production, with a powerful atmosphere that never feels disconnected, thanks in part to the drums. The audible bass really helps drive the mood and completes to tri-fold wall of sound that surrounds you on all sides and drags you into a melancholic abyss.

There are few things about this EP I can complain about. The song structures are brilliant, but the drumming could have been more varied. And the final track is unnecessary, a bad recording of the second song.

This half hour of sonic bliss is worthy of attention not just to fans of Xasthur or Nachtmystium, but to any Black Metal fan who needs to replenish their faith in a genre still going strong worldwide. Keep on the lookout for their debut album coming out later this year. Lyrinx’s creative potential shouldn’t be wasted in the depths of the underground.

( Online June 10, 2008 )


2 Responses to “Lyrinx – “Nihilistic Purity””

  1. Dude.. Malefic’s a douche. But an awesome douche. Favorite quote from his myspace page “don’t even try to add me!”. I wonder if he meets the delivery guy who brings the pizza he inevitably orders (since he won’t leave his house) in corpse paint? More so than that does he go out to get more? Or maybe he just never takes it off. Which leads to all sorts of questions about how he sleeps.

    Good review. Keep ’em coming.

  2. New tarsonis track in the works. Email me if you want an early mix.

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