Occupations in the Real and Virtual Worlds

Summer at last! I’m hot out of the gate, finally reading all the classical literature that’s been on my shelf since Christmas, namely the works of Hesiod, Herodotus, Plato, Aristotle and Marcus Aurelius. Starting around late June I’ll be taking an online Latin course, translating the first book of Livy. I’ll get back to the Classics after I enlighten you all as to my more menial occupations.


Starting Monday May 19th I have been working at the Squire Tarbox Inn, right here on Westport Island (zero gas expenses!). I’ve been breaking my back spreading mulch, clearing out the barn and other tasks in preparation for the tourist season. My standard hours are Tuesday through Saturday 9-5 but I may work occasional nights since the place also runs a fancy restaurant (see their website at http://www.squiretarboxinn.com/ ). This job will make up for the lack of exercise I’ll be getting as I spend the fall semester deep in my 18 credits of courses.

Speaking of which, I’ve got my fall schedule lined up:
Elementary Ancient Greek
Civilizations III
Latin Prose/Poetry Composition II
Latin Poetry of the Late Republic & Early Empire
Adolescent Psychology
Intro to Computer Programming

Lastly, I’m pleased to announce that I have joined the ranks of contributors to The Metal Observer, one of the most popular metal review sites of the net. I am writing reviews for the latest releases in the metal scene and underground (mostly Black Metal, personally). I will also conduct occasional interviews. All my contributions will be available on both my blog and The Metal Observer website – http://www.metal-observer.com/

And Zev, when you read this please help me out with these damn images.


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