Long-Overdue Update & Things to Come

Oh yeah, the blog…

Sorry to keep you all in the dark for the past month and a half. Second semester has been much busier than the first; tons of reading, writing and translating. But at least the subjects are engaging. Roman Philosophy has been the highlight, where my small group of Latin scholars have tackled Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura and are currently working through Cicero’s De Amicitia. In addition to academic priorities, I am balancing my esoteric exertions with minimum wage dog-work at York Commons, washing dishes and sorting pots and pans (though I did work the deli bar today). 

As for my radio show, “Ministry of Metal” has so far been a success, having aired six broadcasts so far to listeners all over the Bangor area. As of last Friday I have been taking requests via WMEB’s call-in number. Since that is useless to most of you I should update you on the status of the WMEB website, through which a live web-stream will grant access to listeners all over the world(wide web). So far there has been minimal progress, even after I introduced them to Zev Eisenberg as a consultant to their technological woes. Multiple times I have been told that the site should be up soon, and so far no dice. So to avoid crying wolf I’m not going to announce anything until the site is up. That said, as soon as the WMEB site is fully functional, I will begin transitioning my blog site into my DJ profile page on the WMEB site. 

Now for a brief look at things to come, academically, occupationally and musically. First off, registration for Summer and Fall classes begins April 11th for me, and I intend on signing up for classes such as Ancient Greek, Latin Prose Composition, Adolescent Psychology, Intro to Computer Programming, and Civilizations III. Professor Passman also has a summer Latin course in the works, an internet course in which we’ll translate the work of a Roman historian (probably Livy). 

I have recently registered for Honors housing for next fall. Zev Eisenberg and I will be rooming in Room 316 of Balentine Hall. Zev and I scoped out the room the other day and it looks great. Spacious with wooden floors and a scenic view of the quad.

balentine hall

As for summer jobs, I am currently in pursuit of a marine-related occupation around the midcoast of Maine. Been looking at fish markets and marinas mainly. So this means I’ll probably be at home (in Maine) for most of the summer. Come visit me off-hours.

And now to the music. Because I’ve been so busy this semester I have not been able to work on any music projects such as Xanthus, though my Spring break visit to Nick Adams in Toronto has generated some drive toward progress. We hope to have a full-length album out by the end of the year. All lyrics in Latin as promised. Once summer rolls around I will have much more time to devote to recording and producing my projects. First off, I will resume bass and vocal work for Xanthus, along with mixing and drum programming. After Derek Kelley’s struggle to provide competent drum work for his Tennessee Black Metal band Blood Red Moon, I have volunteered to program drums for that project. Finally, my recent lust for industrial black metal has inspired me to pursue a solo career, in which I will be tinkering with techno/industrial style drum loops, programmed guitars (but real bass), and pipe organ music to produce something truly unique. I have yet to name this potential project, but I can’t wait to wrap up my studies and get cracking. 

And on a final note, I’d like to announce that as of March 22nd, I am now the uncle of a healthy baby boy named Anthony, my sister’s son. I have volunteered to be this child’s godfather. Below is a picture of the new relative.




4 Responses to “Long-Overdue Update & Things to Come”

  1. Congrats on da kid, and da music, and da job, and all that. Seems like everything is going well. Hope to get an update on that website soon, but it doesn’t look likely.

    Oh yeah, first.

  2. Wooo! Nice to see the blogs back, I was actually recently thinking of it.

    nice post man, congrats on being an uncle! ( I am to)

    have a good one

  3. outsider222 Says:

    Is Ministry of Metal, Like HEAVY metal? On PBS?? (Nah..not with Latin lyrics. And that’s Latin, as in Roman… Not as in Latino?)

    Wow. Things sure change. I guess stuff like Garrison Keillor and Marion McPartland are considered pretty ….old…

    But the younger gen is the hope of Maine (especially if they’re into Marnie biology) so hang in there!

    (And Steve Butterfield for Congress!)

  4. Wmeb is a college radio station… Garrison Keillor is awesome. Seen him twice.

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