To Hell and Back

Yes, the title refers to the second track off of Venom‘s album Black Metal, and it describes my road trip, and concert experience, perfectly.

But first, a word about the radio show. The debut broadcast of “Ministry of Metal” went off without a hitch. Anyone still tuned in from the tragic UMaine hockey game was greeted by Marduk‘s “The Leveling Dust”. For the next 2 1/2 hours I played a plethora of classics and fresh material from my favorite bands such as Crionics, Mercyful Fate, Borknagar and Pentagram. I’m taking requests for next week’s broadcast, which will be available via live stream online through WMEB’s new website, which will be launched on Thursday, February 14th. Leave your requests as comments to this post or else shoot me an email. I’ll try to play at least one song per person requesting. Be sure to check my Metal Collection so you know what I have at my disposal.

And now to recount my adventures (and misadventures) of the past 24 hours. My good friend Cody Roberts allowed Ryan Page and me to borrow his car for the weekend trip to Bedford, New Hampshire to see Rotting Christ, Immolation, Belphegor and Averse Sefira tear it up. Our original plan was to leave campus by 1 PM and drive 4 hours to southern New Hampshire where we would check into a motel and then meet Ryan’s friend Chelsea for dinner somewhere. Afterwards we would get to the show at 7.

Well, not all went according to plan. In fact, almost none of it did. To start things off, I couldn’t find Cody’s car anywhere on campus. I looked in every parking lot he could have left it, even though he affirmed that he left it in the Maine Center for the Arts lot. After luckless searching and many phone calls we learned that his car was towed because the MCA lot was scheduled for plowing. So I had to hope on my bike and pedal over to Old Town to retrieve the silver Taurus from the towing lot. After forking over 70 dollars (which Cody will pay back) I grabbed Ryan and we were on the highway by 2:30.

After grabbing a quite bite in Kennebunk the weather went downhill fast. The sun had set, sleet was falling and Cody’s windshield wipers were apparently defective. So we slowed down, crawled into New Hampshire and exited toward the west. After misinterpreting the directions a couple times, we arrived at Mark’s Showplace at 7:15. At last we made it.

But the fun was not over. Mark’s Showplace is an 18+ venue that requires you to show legal ID at the door. I got in with my Maine driver’s license, but poor Ryan only had his UMaine ID, which the bouncers wouldn’t accept. And of course they blamed the state for enacting such retarded legislation as this. So I went in myself and met up with Ryan’s friend Chelsea, while Ryan sat in the car. I did find out later that he climbed onto the venue’s roof and watched the concert from above, but out in the cold and snow. I feel really bad for him, and I hope he can get his ticket refunded somehow.

I’ll provide a concert review in the next blog post. For now I’ll say that it was fun as hell, and I don’t say that sarcastically this time.

The concert was over at 12:30. Time to find a motel. Not. According to Chelsea, weekend rates were much higher than we anticipated, and we were too jaded to bother driving around to find one. So we agreed to drive 4 hours+ back to Orono. We’d be back around 5 AM. Well that didn’t happen either. Soon as we crossed back into Maine, the weather once again went to hell, and the lack of plowing made the roads treacherous. We knew that driving further north would mean freezing road surfaces and it would take forever to drive at a safe speed. So we got onto Route 1 in Brunswick and drove to my house on Westport Island. We got in around 3 AM and crashed until 11 AM today. We got back to UMaine at 1:00, exactly 24 hours after this escapade had commenced: to Hell and back.


3 Responses to “To Hell and Back”

  1. Haha, one made up word to describe our experience: brutalitation

  2. DAMN. That is one horrible concert story.

  3. Yeah, but it was so metal. The only thing more metal than that would be listening to sodom’s demo and first album in a row, which we did on the ride back.

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