Zephyrus Storms the Airwaves!

Less than two weeks ago, a message was posted in the Rock/Metal folder of UMaine’s FirstClass conference, a message asking for volunteers to DJ a metal show for WMEB, the campus radio station. This was the perfect opportunity for me to promote metal music to a community of enlightened individuals, too many of which have not experienced what real music sounds like. Luckily, FM 91.9 is “redefining the alternative” and offers a wide scope of music, from indie to international. I felt responsible to satisfy the absence of true metal from their eclectic rotation, so I volunteered.


After a highly informative training session called “Radio 101”, I learned the skills for conducting my own show, which will be titled “Ministry of Metal”. The show will hit the airwaves on Friday, February 8th at 9 PM and will run to midnight, as it will every Friday night until the end of the semester. For those of you within the broadcast radius, be sure to tune in!

As for what I’ll play, I plan to provide from my extensive collection selections of black, death, doom and thrash metal. I’ll play everything from 80’s classics to the latest releases. However, I am required to play a few required tracks from albums that the station has received from promoters, which in most cases will be more popular forms of metal. The purpose of this requirement is to support local and up-and-coming bands with radio airplay, which when charted, provide stats for labels to use when considering signing bands.

I will undoubtedly feature bands that I have cooperated with through this blog, whether through reviews or interviews. Bands such as Bothildir and Shadar Logoth are guaranteed airplay.

For those of you out of broadcast range, such as my pals at Ultimate Metal, I am conspiring with Zev Eisenberg to set up a podcast production for each show.

So please tune in every Friday night from 9 to midnight, for “Ministry of Metal” hosted by your truly.



2 Responses to “Zephyrus Storms the Airwaves!”

  1. I look forward to hearing the recording DJ Jazzy Zeph

  2. Looking forward to listening to it!

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