Review for The Matt Parsons Band – “Alas, Tyranny”

Review submitted by Zephyrus


It’s Opeth! It’s Emperor! No…it’s The Matt Parsons Band! Steamrolling out of Athens, Georgia, this solo project intends to make its mark on the underground. I received a free copy of his 2008 demo CD, Alas, Tyranny, directly from Matt Parsons himself. Onto the review then.As the opening interjections indicate, this project draws influence from the full spectrum of modern extreme metal. labels it as “Symphonic Black/Death Metal”, which is appropriate for a band like Crionics. Matt Parsons, however, only comes close to this classification on the final track “Prometheus”, where a melody of synthetic strings sing over a crushing wall of guitar energy. So what genre does this band fall under? To determine that is an injustice because this demo sounds like four completely different bands; one for each song. That’s a good way to avoid being called generic, but not to be praised for cohesion and focus. Even within some songs, the mishmash of styles seems to interrupt the flow. Keyboard interludes and acoustic sections, while good for catching your breathe, feel somewhat unnecessary in the context of the song. It’s hard to identify core themes to the music. But it’s a useful method to put out a demo showcasing a range of styles, so that with feedback you can select your strongest direction. Each of these songs represents a possible path that is just as promising as the other three (personally, I would choose the symphonic death metal of “Prometheus”).

In regards to the sound, nothing short of a top notch production graces this demo with clarity, heaviness, and atmosphere. Vocals range from high to low growls, and are well-practiced, though not very unique (somewhat reminiscent of Vintersorg). The drum programming is done so well that one could be easily fooled into thinking it was a human producing those beats. Hiring a live drummer for the debut album is still recommended. The highlight is undoubtedly in the guitar section, where technical skill meets a flare for melodic leads and thrashy riffs.

Pay attention to this band if you are a fan of modern extreme metal, but be wary if you are an old-schooler. The Matt Parsons Band writes nothing but fresh material that represents what metal sounds like today. Check this band out if you like later Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, and/or Dimmu Borgir. But indeed there’s something here for everyone who has confidence in the current state of metal. And if not, be glad there are bands like these who can deliver inspiration to fans worldwide.

Alas, Tyranny was self released in January 2008. 5 songs. Total playing time: 22:50


6 Responses to “Review for The Matt Parsons Band – “Alas, Tyranny””

  1. Great review! I agree wholeheartedly. Lacks focus, but an astoundingly talented project. Now he needs to change the name to something cool. 😛

  2. I have yet to receive my free copy, but I am anxious to hear it finally.

  3. Sick review. You’ve got a pretty good way of getting across what bands sound like. Oh, and Immolation is going to rule.

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  5. Hey everyone,

    I have changed the name of the project to Alas, Tyranny, after the demo. Thanks for reading the reviews and listening to the music!

    Here is a link to a free download with correct tags:

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