Invitation to UMaine Students!

It’s been since last April that I’ve attended a metal concert (Dimmu Borgir/Behemoth at the New England Metal Fest), but soon that hiatus shall end. I’ve been invited by Ryan Page to attend Rotting Christ‘s tour with guests Immolation, Belphegor and Averse Sefira at Mark’s Showplace in Bedford, New Hampshire. They show is Saturday night, February 9th.

Let this serve as an invitation to any UMaine student interested in joining an excursion over to New Hampshire. We can take two more people, three if you’re willing to squeeze for 4 hours straight (not counting the mosh pit). Our plan after the show is to crash at my place in Arlington, Mass. for the night and drive back north the next day. Ryan and I will pay for gas, and you can pay for your meals. What’s most important is that you purchase your tickets ASAP. Up until a week before the 2/9 show I’d say is a safe bet to get the tickets shipped to your dorm or apartment.

Tickets are $20 and can be ordered here –

Mark’s Showplace is an 18+ venue, so no kiddies please.

Please email me if you would like to join us. The sooner you confirm a ride with us, the sooner you can get your tickets. Time is running out!


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