Day Trippin’

After three weeks of recreation with family and friends, making a few bucks tuning pipe organs, and stuffing my face (I gained 10 pounds if you can believe it), I am now set to resume my academic pursuits. Spring semester at UMaine starts tomorrow, and with 20 credit hours per week, I’ve been served quite the cut of work on my plate. However I should still have some time left over to continue my blog-oriented activities, which include a couple new reviews to be written on some underground bands from the Southeast US. I extend my gratitude to Blue Wizard and The Matt Parsons Band for sending me free copies of their material.

At week’s end I’ll give my first assessments of my Spring classes. These include Roman History, Education in a MultiCultural Society, and Roman Philosophical Thought.

Another plus to being back at school is I can now directly encourage my producer Zev Eisenberg to get our video material online and available to the public. So far he has released one video, that being the short version of his Design Basics project, titled “Dissonance”. It features both Zev and yours truly, as well as a 60’s tune that you’ve likely heard of. The full-length director’s cut of the film should be released shortly, a version that has most of the song in it. Enjoy.


3 Responses to “Day Trippin’”

  1. Love the opening shot of criss-crossing legs. Neat cello shots, very “indie”.
    And the idea that we’re doing some of our best creative work when we’re doing “nothing”, or what in society counts for nothing.
    Good cincher at the end.
    Julie Goell

  2. Zev that is really cool! I like it a lot. Cool camera shots and cool music.

  3. Carol Eisenberg Says:

    Nice job! Very entertaining and clever.

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