Review for Rebirth to Ends – “Awakening”

Review submitted by Zephyrus

There are many advantages to going solo when making music. As evident by Bothildir in the previous review, one-man metal bands have potentially better focus from a despotic self-government, with all the decisions left to a single person. Another advantage is the achievement of identity through such a focus. With no need to compromise, an individual vision is more likely to transcend boundaries and stand on its own.So how does Rebirth to Ends, a solo project operating out of the University of Maine at Orono, live up to such a potential? For that assessment, let’s look at what the band presents us. This project advertises itself as “industrial-tinged alt-metal”, which purposes itself to seek a median between technical prowess and marketable accessibility. Indeed this music demonstrates such a quest, with competent guitar work and aggressive vocals in mutuality with memorable melodies and emotional clear vox. The influences of popular bands such as In Flames are blatantly evident here, while the synthetic feeling conveyed by programmed drums and industrial-ish beats attempt to avoid the music from being called generic.

So does this band succeed in creating a unique identity? Perhaps, but maybe too much is sacrificed to maintain a “mainstream appeal” which in most cases requires conformity to a generic formula that is superficial and lacks sufficient depth to warrant continued listens as time goes on. Metal is not about selling out to the popular market, it’s essentially the opposite, whereby the quality of the music depends upon its creator, with the central goal never to be appealing to the maximum number of people. A musical composer should not have to yield to conformity, especially if he or she aims for uniqueness, whether as an individual or a group effort. Rebirth to Ends does bear this in mind, but the pressure to compromise proves costly.

This is not to say that the music is bad. It is quite clear the effort expended in composing this material and producing it, and for that I give my complements. As for its aims, there is no doubt this music will appeal to a large number of listeners; perhaps not veteran metal enthusiasts, but rather the thousands of youths on the journey into metal. These are the targets for my recommendations. Rebirth to Ends is the perfect band for those who are testing the waters of metal, those who require a smooth transition from the realms of popular music, such as alternative rock, into the less accessible spheres of the metal underground. There exist hundreds of bands that exhibit this purpose, and Rebirth to Ends is a fine representative of Maine’s contribution to this blurred line between the musical mainstream and the nether-regions of extreme music. So if you’re one of the many who traverse these transitional waters, and you want a taste of the local scene, give your support for this solo act, for the rewards shall be instantaneous to your ears.

Awakening is available for streaming in its entirety through


2 Responses to “Review for Rebirth to Ends – “Awakening””

  1. hahaha

  2. Rebirth to Ends sounds great. We had a chance to talk with the guitarists about the band and their thoughts on the scene in Maine. The interview is available at:

    Check it out!

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