Operation: Patch Jacket

Today I began acquiring patches for my personal patch jacket. Patch jackets, or vests (denim or leather) are a popular side-hobby for metal enthusiasts, and something different than just collecting CD’s. Patches are usually cheaper than albums, so the financial commitment shouldn’t be an inconvenience. For the jacket, I’m using my father’s old denim jacket that he got from his old software employer, Quickturn. I was debating whether to cut off the sleeves and make a vest, but I decided to keep the sleeves for practical purposes (thanks to the GMD crew for the advice).


As for patches, I will rely on eBay.com for deals and steals. I have already purchases patches for Emperor, Limbonic Art, Burzum, Samael, Satyricon, Summoning, and Krieg. Add to that a Dimmu Borgir patch I got for free with Stormblåst MMV. I’m also looking at a large Bathory patch to cover up the Quickturn logo on the back of the jacket. Here are some of the patches I’ve bought so far…

emperor patch
burzum patch
limbonic art patch
krieg patch

I expect this endeavor to take a few months before I have a decent arrangement to sew on. I’ll probably pay a friend to do that part, since I failed sewing in middle school home-ec.

I’m especially on the look-out for a Borknagar patch. If anyone can find one, please contact me.


3 Responses to “Operation: Patch Jacket”

  1. Sweet! Thanks a million.

  2. You made a typo 😛

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