After meeting in person and relentless brainstorming, Vercingetorix and Zephyrus have at last determined the new name for our black metal band Totalus Necrum. After intensive research of proper names in the Aeneid, and pages upon pages through Latin dictionaries, the new moniker will be Xanthus, named after a river of Troy which Vergil alludes to as “flowing red with blood” in his timeless epic.

As we transition into this new title, we will be scrapping our Myspace and Metal-Archives profile. However all our Totalus Necrum demos will still be available for distribution and sale by request.

As mentioned in prior posts, the band is writing new lyrics and songs, and has plans to re-write and re-record most of our demo material in preparation for an upcoming album projected for release around late 2008. This process will also see the lyrics re-written in Latin.

With a new name arises a need for a new logo. Let this serve as an request for any logo-designers interested in helping us out. We will pay for professional-grade jobs. Please contact me if you feel artistically competent for this assignment.

Let Xanthus be to Totalus Necrum as Hellhammer was to Celtic Frost. A new era has begun, and we confide in our hopes for the future. Thanks for all you support; without it we couldn’t have gotten this far.


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