ZephyrBlog Now On Myspace

Scarcely over a week since its inception, ZephyrBlog is expanding its cybernetic horizons into the turbulent straits of Myspace.com. Encouraged and inspired by the success of Slam-Minded and its Myspace outlet, I have crafted a page much like this site, but with the special features of Myspace included. With that site as a host, ZephyrBlog fans can more easily access band pages, sample tracks, music videos and more. Friends of ZephyrBlog on Myspace also have the benefit of posted bulletins as a convenient way to be notified of updates and new reviews, interviews and any major goings on with either site.

You can find a link to the site under the Blogroll and also here – http://www.myspace.com/zephyrblog

The Myspace extension will serve mainly for promoting the Maine metal scene. Blog posts on that page will only be metal-related, so all the interviews and reviews will appear there as well as here. Also check out the friends list, which includes many of the bands that have cooperated with this site via reviews, interviews, and general relevance. Here’s a snapshot of the Myspace page, custom-designed in a theme quite similar to the original ZephyrBlog:

ZephyrBlog on Myspace

In other news, last night I conducted my first interview with Ryan Page of Anal Jesus, Carrion Afterbirth and Tarsonis, the latter two having music videos featured on the Myspace page. The interview will be posted here and on Myspace as soon as Zev, my producer, finishes editing and uploading. Keep on your toes for that one.

Finally, I will be adding links to the official websites and Myspace pages of all the local bands I am supporting. Be sure to check those out. I wouldn’t want to show you these bands if they weren’t producing quality music!


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