Review for Shadar Logoth – Demo 2006

 Review submitted by Zephyrus.

Shadar Logoth - Demo 2006

First off, I’d like to thank Ardroth for the free copies of this CD as well as his debut solo full-length, which I’ll be reviewing sometime next week. One of my goals for this blog is to promote the local metal scene and Ardroth, the drummer for Bangor’s Shadar Logoth, has given me the opportunity to realize that goal.

So what is Shadar Logoth? The name, the cover art, the logo and song titles seem to point straight at Black Metal, but the music itself is much more complex than your typical Black Metal sound. While that genre seems predominant in the music, a range of other styles are mixed in to the point that you really can’t place these guys in any category. I would call it “symphonic blackened folk death metal” if I had to be real specific.

That aside, the best way to describe these New Englanders is through the instruments they play. Dominating the sound is the band’s vocalist/guitarist/lyricist Dan Eaton, who contrasts rough and clean vocals that are both quite reminiscent of Vintersorg, with a little Mikael Åkerfeldt mixed in. While a skilled vocalist, he demonstrates superior prowess with his guitar by belting out complex, dynamic riffs that fly all over the fret board. However, good technique does not always translate into good songwriting ability. Luckily for this band, it does. A great example of this is featured in the song “Prima Nocte” in which an emotional breaks into a clean vocal acoustic section before launching into another attack of fast-paced riffing.

To describe the work of the other instruments draws a complaint that they are a bit too low in the mix, often overpowered by the guitars and vocals. The bass is audible in some sections, and is played well. The drumming is masterfully played with blast-beats and fast-paced rhythms that keep a confident pace, but again they are suppressed, with the bass drums virtually inaudible. The keyboards harmonize well with the guitar melodies, but they are a bit of a chore trying to hear, and the atmosphere also suffers. This is especially evident in “Of the Lanterns”.

All of these instruments combine into a unique sound that reminds me much of Borknagar, with a little of Gorgoroth’s Under the Sign of Hell thrown in for an extra kick. This is a far cry from your typical suicidal/depressive USBM à la Xasthur or I Shalt Become. Given its geographical context, this band’s sound is not the only thing in common with Scandinavia (Maine has the only natural fjord in the contiguous United States, to give you an idea).

So in conclusion, Shadar Logoth is a unique find and should be placed at the pinnacle of the Maine metal scene. Composition matches musicianship in a band that I recommend for Borknagar fans or any folk/black metal enthusiasts.

4 songs; total playing time: 23:57.

Official Website
Shadar Logoth @ Myspace


3 Responses to “Review for Shadar Logoth – Demo 2006”

  1. Good review covering all aspects of the band nicely. Your blog is shaping up really well! I’m impressed you managed to not only find a BM/related band from Maine, but that it is similar to your certain tastes as well…small world!

  2. Thanks again, V5. I have plans in the works to launch a Myspace page, following your example, to promote the blog and the music that it supports. I’ll make a post about it once I’ve got it set to launch.

  3. From ancient yuggoth black rays emit….

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