UMaine Update & Band News

After a couple months of settling into the daily routines of college life, UMaine freshmen, I among them, are nearing the finish line for the Fall ’07 semester. Finals are fast approaching and the tension in the air around campus is almost palpable. I have three finals in Psychology, Anthropology and Ocean Science scheduled for the 17th and 18th with the Honors 2-hour in-class essay of doom set for the morning of the 20th. The Latin final is available online starting the 16th. Hours of studying await me. Wish me luck!

Today I presented my final project to my Honors preceptorial. I composed a chart illustrating how four of the texts from this semester demonstrate a common theme of the unity of opposing forces by a standard of idealism. I dicussed the works of Plato, Laozi, Aristotle and Robert Pirsig: four philosophers separated by thousands of miles and years, yet regardless of context they communicate a common message: that humanity should strive for the mean between extremes as the key to fulfillment. Here’s a picture of the chart, and I have included in this post a PDF file so you can read the quotes and captions.

Honors 111 Final Project – PDF file (click this)


Totalus Necrum Update

Enough of philosophizing and now time for an update on Totalus Necrum, my Aeneid-inspired band with Nick Adams. After a season-long hiatus during the fall semester, Vercingetorix (Nick) has once again taken up his guitar and has begun writing riffs for new material. Zephyrus (Me), refreshed by his recent study of the Aeneid in the context of the Honors gauntlet and his months of strenuous translation of classical texts, Virgil’s among them, is set to pen new lyrics, but this time in Latin, making Totalus Necrum one of the few bands in the world to use that language for their lyrical content.

This recent buzzing in the TN camp has produced some ambitious plans for the band’s future. With three demos under our belt, the band feels ready to pursue a full-length recording, which will include tracks from both Perditio Troiae and Vortex Vorax, and perhaps one from Revelations Through Carnage as well. For the new album, these existing tracks will be re-recorded and re-worked to the band’s current standard of songwriting and production quality. But that’s not all. Zephyrus plans to translate these songs’ lyrics into Latin before re-recording the vocal tracks, making the new full-length exclusively sung in the ancient tongue.

And finally, after over a year of dissatisfaction, Zephyrus and Vercingetorix have agreed to change the band’s name. We feel that Totalus Necrum sounds too immature for our more serious focus. And as a Latin scholar, I can no longer stand to be in a band whose name is grammatically incorrect, regardless of the words’ own legitimacy. The name change will occur as soon as we have agreed on a new name: one that is not only grammatically sound, but one that conveys the true spirit of Virgil’s timeless epic.


3 Responses to “UMaine Update & Band News”

  1. I await new TN recordings…under the new name of course.

  2. New name indeed. Nick and I are becoming mentally exhausted trying to come up with a new name. It will be in Latin and will be related to the Aeneid. Beyond that, we’re not quite there.

  3. Outstanding job on the Honors Final Project.

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