Ad Majorem Zephyri Latinam

It’s official! After meeting with my student advisor and the dean of the College of Education & Human Development, I have been cleared to add a Latin major to my program of academic pursuits here at UMaine. I was originally going to request a Latin minor, as it would not add any more work to my requirements for Secondary Foreign Language Education, my original major. It turns out that I can bear a major just as easily as a minor, so I went for it. Under the wing of Professor Kristina Passman I will be pursuing a B.A. in Latin, in addition to the original B.S. in Foreign Language Education and the Honors thesis. The road ahead looks challenging, but with enough support and dedication, I should be able to navigate it.

While on the subject of future academics, I might as well provide a peak at my classes for next semester. These include four classes relevant to my double major, which beats out the two I had this fall.

EDB 202Education in a Multicultural Society
HON 112Civilizations: Past, Present & Future II
HON 180A Cultural Odyssey
HTY 402Roman History
LAT 204Readings in Latin Literature II
LAT 452Roman Philosophical Thought
MAT 111 College Algebra

That totals 20 credits, so it looks like some busy months lay ahead. I’ll provide a synopsis of each course once I’ve attended a few classes in January.


As for current studies, the last week of classes is at hand, and finals are fast approaching. Wish me luck!

As far as metal goes, I’ve scheduled for next weekend a tentative video interview with Ryan Page of Tarsonis, Carrion Afterbirth and Anal Jesus. Also, I had a brief rendez-vous with Ardroth, the drummer for the local black metal band Shadar Logoth. From him I received free copies of the band’s 2006 demo as well as the debut album of his solo project, Bothildir. Reviews for both albums will be posted sometime next week, so be sure to check back for those.

And once again, I’d be more than happy to host guest reviews. Just drop me a note.


One Response to “Ad Majorem Zephyri Latinam”

  1. sounds awesome jeremy 🙂
    you are knee-deep in ancient and latin things and that’s great. tell me how the civilizations course goes – i’m interested in problems associated with basic civilization as well as social collapse

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