A Bright Future Ahead

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who visited the site since its launch and I am especially grateful for all the positive feedback I’ve received in such a short lapse of time. What’s excited me the most is that this blog’s potential for its metal-oriented function will soon be put into action. Thanks to your positive input and encouragement I am planning the following:

  • An interview (possibly video) with a fellow UMaine student, who plays in some local projects.
  • A review for Limbonic Art‘s latest opus, Legacy of Evil.
  • The top 10 album list for the year 2007.
  • An album review for a local black metal band.

Also, a few of the folks from the Ultimate Metal Forum have expressed interest in adding their own metal reviews to this site. I’m hoping they follow through on that interest, because the more contributors there are, well, the more this site can contribute! Anyone interested in participating should either leave a comment or contact me personally. I’m open to reviews for the whole spectrum of genres, from power metal to drone doom and everything in between.

In addition, I’ve added a couple links to my friends’ livejournals: Andy PhelpsVisceral Pulse and Matt Warren‘s Insane Kaos X.


4 Responses to “A Bright Future Ahead”

  1. Well, thanks for the link then, good sir.

    Can I review Jpop for your site plz 😀

    😛 just kidding, dun worry.

  2. I’d be more than happy to host your reviews for any METAL bands you wish. I know there are a few you like. Go for it!

  3. Thanks again Jeremy.

  4. I finally got to read through the Zephyrblog, very interesting stuff, I can’t wait to see the development of the site, I’d like to contribute some reviews as well, basically things that would go on Metal Archives as well, as well as reviews that would incite forum threads ie. X artist-X title.

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