10 Seconds of Zephyrus

Before reading this post, please scroll down to Welcome to ZephyrBlog for a helpful introduction.

With the introductory post out of the way, let us begin the first of the many standard posts that are to come in the next few months, or however long this blog will remain active (so please leave comments, and show some love). I’ve already given my spiel on my background in the About Me page, so let’s begin with a synopsis of current life here at the University of Maine.

First, a quick overview of my academics…

  • LAT 203 – Readings in Latin Literature I – a web-based course in which I learn advanced Latin grammar and translate loads of passages from REAL Roman authors, orators, and poets. So far I’ve conquered mountains of Cicero, Caesar, Lucretius, Sallust, my main man Virgil, and many others, all from the comfort of my desk chair.
  • HON 111 – Civilizations: Past, Present & Future I – required course for Honors College students. Every week we attend a lecture on a text of a range of pre-Christian poets and philosophers. Weekly lectures are supplemented by bi-weekly “preceptorials” where small groups of students discuss the works of Homer, Moses, Sappho, Laozi, Plato, Aristotle and (save best for last) Virgil! Along with the stimulation of intellectual discussions I have been engaged in a writing-intensive component, which will culminate in the 2-hour essay final.
  • ANT 101 – Intro to Anthropology – a basic overview of the many disciplines of anthropology put into practice. This class covers how archaeology, biology, and sociology combine into a study of humanity from our hominid origins through the birth of civilizations. Professor Zaro, active in the Peruvian desert, brings to this course his affinity for Latin America, through our studies of the Aztecs, Mayans, Incas and the other first Americans.
  • PSY 100 – General Psychology – a semester-long summary of the multiple fields of psychological methodology, pathology, and biology. Everything you need to know about the human brain and how we behave both normally and abnormally are covered in this class.
  • SMS 100 – Intro to Ocean Science – Professor Townsend, with his strange sense of humor, guides his students through the depths of oceanography, from the ocean’s origins, chemistry and dynamics, to the biological diversity that fills it. My favorite element of this class is the relevance that Dr. Townsend draws to our backyards by focusing on the Gulf of Maine as a more familiar reference for all the oceanic processes that he teaches.
  • EHD 100 – New Student Seminar for Education & Human Development – this weekly small group discussion serves as a means of adjustment for new students who hope to become teachers and “human developers”. This course was a major help in course registration for the spring as well as a portal into what’s to come on my road to teaching Latin.

Aside from scholarly obligations I have made room for a social life, sort of. Scarcely a week into the semester I became very good friends with Cody Roberts and Zev Eisenberg, who both live down in room 312 here at Penobscot Hall. The majority of activities on campus I do with these guys, such as dining at York every night, attending school-sponsored lectures, movies, concerts and stand-up comedy. Cody (left), with his slightly immature brand of egocentrist humor, is a fellow Pats/Sox fan and New Hampshire native majoring in Business (and yes, Cody Rulez!).

Cody and Zev

Zev (right), on the other hand, plays as the foil character to Cody. This Portlander is a wizard at computers and photography, appropriately majoring in New Media. We share a love of classical music and ethnic cuisine, a rarity in these parts of the northwoods. I thank Zev for inspiring me (and teaching me pointers) to create this blog. I highly suggest you check out his own WordPress blog: iGeek Blog. Also be sure to take a look at Zev’s photography and video projects on his website – ZevEisenberg.com. This brings me to the reason for this post’s title, “10 Seconds of Zephyrus”. Last weekend Zev casted me as the star of his 10-second film project for his Design Basics class. The video, titled “School Dazed”, is a brief (and I mean brief!) look at a hapless college student waking up and getting ready for class, only to discover as he’s walking out the door that it’s Saturday!


3 Responses to “10 Seconds of Zephyrus”

  1. Looks good Jeremy! Keep it up. I’ve had a Livejournal for 4 years now…posts are getting fewer and farther between, but it should still be interesting.


  2. Thanks, V5! I’ve added your blog to my “Blogroll”. Stay brutal!

  3. Hey! Nice that you finally have a blog up, found out about it through the Borknagar forum.
    Just one tip though – when introducing a movie, don’t give away the twist before we’ve watched it!

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