Welcome to ZephyrBlog!

Greetings and thanks for checking out ZephyrBlog, my new site dedicated to chronicling my life’s adventures and interests. This site will serve a dual function. First, this is a place where I can share my current experiences with friends, family and peers here at UMaine, Arlington, and wherever my travels may take me. The second purpose of this site is for metal music. I will be writing and posting reviews for new album releases, top 10 lists, and hopefully some interviews with band members.

Let this first post serve as a guided tour to ZephyrBlog. We’ll start at the top and work our way down the right side. Above all this you will see the header, custom-designed by Zev Eisenberg, to whom I owe so much gratitude for helping me endeavor this project. On the left of the header is the Roman Forum, in the middle a band photo of Limbonic Art, and on the right the iconic Stevens Hall at UMaine. Now on to the right bar.


  • About Me – what you expect: all about me.
  • Top 10 Bands – a list of my 10 favorite metal bands with some commentary on each.
  • Totalus Necrum – a page dedicated to my two-man metal project with Nick Adams (U of Toronto).

Categories – posts will be categorized according to content: Maine, Metal, Reviews, Interviews & Miscellaneous.

Blogroll (Links)

Metal Links

  • Black Metal Radio – free streaming of a broad mix of old and new black metal songs, updates every couple weeks.
  • General Metal Discussion – the forum that I frequent daily, based at UltimateMetal.com. I couldn’t survive without it.
  • My Last.fm Profile. Check it out to see what kind of stuff I’ve been listening to.
  • My Music Collection on Metal-Archives.com. Contact me if you want a CD-r copy of anything on the list.
  • Slam Minded – a blog run by Nick Adams and Andy Phelps dedicated to their specialty area of metal.
  • Myspace Profile for Totalus Necrum.

Also, for those who can please subscribe to the RSS feed. It’s the perfect way to be notified of updates on this site (I don’t plan on sending out emails every time there’s a new post). The feed is compatible with Firefox and Safari web browsers.

Once again many thanks for coming here (even if it’s only this once). Please, please leave comments; it’s good to know that my efforts here are worth the trouble so please show your encouragement, suggestions, or what ever you fancy to say!


5 Responses to “Welcome to ZephyrBlog!”

  1. Jim Swist Says:

    For this I pay $$$$ of tuition?????

  2. Rick Swist Says:

    Great looking blog Jeremy – very striking. I’m a big fan of blogs – most of the newspapers I read on-line have dozens of blogs maintained by reporters or groups of reporters and some of them are much more informative than the articles posted by these journalists. The four political reporters for the Albany Times-Union read every paper in the state every day and post links on their blog (“Capitol Confidential”) to political news carried in the Times, Daily News, Post etc. For me, it’s a one stop shop for information on New York politics. I’m working with some trade associations in Albany and several of us are trying to get them to use blogs as a means of sharing best practices and helping each other solve problems.

    Interesting comment from your father. I remember when he was at MIT (I think that was when Virgil was writing the Aeneid) our father (your grandfather) heard Jim was spending his time and money rebuilding the engine on his car and said “For this I pay $$$$ of tuition?”

    Huckleberry Mary says hi. Make sure you post reviews of Ted’s and Louie’s and Anderson’s at some point.

  3. “Huckleberry Mary says hi. Make sure you post reviews of Ted’s and Louie’s and Anderson’s at some point.”

    Hi Mary (and Rick). I’ll get to those reviews soon, but you have magnified my longing for those Erie County eateries. I plan on coming over to Buffalo during spring break (early March), where I’ll get my chance to purge that longing.

  4. Jim Swist Says:

    That’s not the only thing you need to purge

  5. This looks really well done. Thanks for repping Slam-Minded

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